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Registration Information

2018-2019 Season

League Membership:

League Member Dues: $350 per team
All teams must pay league dues by October 13th (Sat), 2018

Make a check payable to NWVCL and send it to:

P.O. Box 370074
West Hartford, CT 06137

If a school has "A" and "B" teams, they will pay $350 for each team ($700 total). The league will not make exception for any team. It is responsibility of each team to ensure that checks are sent (and received by the league office) on time. If your school check is going to be late then you will have to send in a personal check to put on hold until your official school check arrives.

* Please be sure to include a proper registration form when you send a check.

* Be sure to check with your school administration to make sure you have everything they need to process your check on time. Many schools now require things like Fed Tax ID #, W9, etc.

Tournament Registration:

The individual tournament fee ($150) should be sent out to NWVCL as well. Non-league teams pay $175. Registrations for individual league tournaments are first come first serve. The deadline for a tournament will be 14 days prior to the actual tournament date. League (and each division) members will have priority over non-league (division) teams. For example, Red Division teams will have priority over Blue Division teams when registering for a Red Division tournament. "Open" tournaments are for either Red or Blue division teams. Non league teams will be accepted only if spaces are available after the deadline has passed.

Make a check payable to NWVCL and send it to:

P.O. Box 370074
West Hartford, CT 06137

If a hosting school provides three courts or more, their second team will be guaranteed a spot only if they are also registered with the league. Example: Binghamton A host a Red Division tournament with three courts then Binghamton B will be guaranteed a spot for that tournament.

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