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2023-2024 Season

Update 1/30/2024

Upcoming events:

- Tournament information and schedule for Feb-3 (Sat) and Feb-4 (Sun) tournaments have been sent out to all participating teams on Saturday.

Feb-10 (Sat) @ Fairfield (D1 priority) - 4 spots left - If you are interested in attending, contact me by no later than Feb-1 (Thur) 6 pm.
Fairfield, Yale, Brown, SCSU, UMASS-Amherst, Rutgers-A

Feb-11 (Sun) @ Sacred Heart (D3 priority) - FULL - registration closed
Sacred Heart, URI, CCSU, Conn College, Maine, Marist, New Haven, Quinnipiac, RPI, Stevens

Feb-17 (Sat) @ New Hampshire (OPEN) - 6 spots left
New Hampshire, Tufts, UNE, Dartmouth, SNHU, UMASS-Lowell, Merrimack, Boston College, Harvard

Feb-17 (Sat) @ Rochester (D2 priority) - 2 spots left
Rochester, RIT, Cornell-B, Cortland-B, Brockport, Fredonia, Cornell-A*, Cortland-A*
* not yet confirmed

Feb-17 (Sat) @ New Haven (D3 priority) - 6 spots left, must have at least 1 more league team
New Haven, Iona, URI, SCSU,

Feb-18 (Sun) @ Oswego (D2 priority) - 7 spots left, must have at least 3 more league teams.
Oswego, St. Bonaventure, St. Bonaventure-2 (NL),

Feb-18 (Sun) @ Assumption (D3 priority) - 5 spots left
Assumption, Holy Cross, Siena, WPI, Maine,

Feb-18 (Sun) @ Delaware (Open) - 6 spots left
Delaware-A, Delaware-B, Temple-A, Temple-B, Seton Hall, Rowan, Montclair State, TCNJ

Feb-24 (Sat) @ Bloomsburg (D1 priority) - 9 spots left

Feb-24 (Sat) @ Princeton (D2 priority) - 3 spots left
Princeton, Fordham, Seton Hall, Iona, Rowan, Montclair State, Stevens

Feb-24 (Sat) @ Yale (D1 priority) - 4 spots left
Yale, Brown, Fairfield, BC, UCONN, UCONN-2 (NL)*
* not yet confirmed.

Feb-24 (Sat) @ New Haven (D3 priority) - FULL - registration closed.
New Haven, URI, Quinnipiac, Vermont, WPI, Springfield, Bentley, Conn College, Providence

Feb-25 (Sun) @ Brockport (D2 priority) - 3 spots left
Brockport, RIT, Corltand-B, Brockport-2 (NL)*, Rochester, Oswego, Cortland-A*
* not yet confirmed

Feb-25 (Sun) @ Syracuse (D1 priority) - 7 spots left
Syracuse, Ithaca, Albany

Feb-25 (Sun) @ Temple - 3 spots left
Temple-A, Temple-B*, Delaware-A, St. Joseph’s, UPENN, West Chester, Drexel,

March 3rd @ PC is FULL - registration closed.
March 24th @ SCSU is FULL - registration closed.
All other tournaments in March have multiple openings left.

Apr-7 (Sun) NWVCL D1 League Championship @ TBA - anyone in NJ/PA/DE able to host?
* Must have at least two courts for 10 hours

Apr-6 (Sat) or Apr-7 (Sun) NWVCL D2 League Championship @ TBA - anyone in NJ/PA/DE able to host?
* Must have at least two courts for 10 hours

Jung Park
Commissioner, NWVCL
Northeast Women's Volleyball Club League

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 Commissioner, Jung Park


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