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Regular Season Point Standings

We will use the total points accrued to determine which teams will be selected to compete in the NWVCL Championships. Top ten teams from each division will advance to the league championships in each division. Each team must play in the minimum regular season tournaments to be eligible. Division 1 teams must play at least five tournaments (three of which must be in spring semester). Division 2 teams must play at least three tournaments (two of which must be in Spring). Division 3 teams must play at least three tournaments (two of which must be in Spring). This qualifying system rewards teams that play more as well as top finishes.

Once top ten teams in each division are determined based on total points, Point Average System will be used to determine the seeding for the championships. The hosting team will qualify as an automatic entry into the championship.

Standings as of 3/24/2024

Highlighted teams in yellow qualifies for the league championships.
Automatic qualifiers (host): Villanova - D1, Rochester - D2, Sacred Heart - D3
Highlighted teams in red will not attend the league championships.

Teams playing in their own division or open tournaments:
1st: 150
2nd: 135
3rd: 125
4th: 115
5th: 100
6th: 95
7th: 90
8th: 85
9th or lower: 80

Team playing in the other division tournaments:
1st or 2nd: 100
3rd or 4th: 80
5th or lower: 60

When a team plays in the other division tournaments, the maximum they can earn will be 100 points.